Angel’s Plums

Works in Progress:

Right now, I am working on a series of kinky books that are all linked and can be read as one continuous journey written as “episodes”.  There will be one episode per book, and they will be numbered because they need to be read in the right order to make sense.

It’s a huge project and a completely different beast to writing a novel or short story. To develop this series I have to have a completely different mindset. The idea is to have one main theme, a story core, that will hold my overall series story together, with various — connected– obstacles and complications scattered throughout each episode. Of course these will be adaptable and change over time, stretching across several “Seasons”. Well, that’s the plan and the goal I am typing madly again for.

Want to find out more? Please keep an eye on my blog where I will be sharing my progress of this beast of a goal. A beast I have codenamed PROJECT MADNESS.

Short Story and Flash Fiction Collections:

In addition to my series I am also working on some short story and flash fiction collections. Stay tuned for more details soon!

My Plums?

This is the story of my plums!  Plums?  This is just a fancy name for my published credits. To quote something I wrote in an earlier post:

I’m currently busy writing stories  for publication.  I have lots of fingers in lots of pies…take that any way you like, I’ll forgive you. When I have some news about this, and perhaps pull out a plum,  I’ll let you know.

So, in plain speaking English, this is where I will post my publishing history, otherwise called my plums! (Hey you, with the sad face! Not exactly the type of plums you were looking for, eh?)



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